Consolidation of Rivers, continuity budget scales at first reading in the Assembly

Rivers State Governor, Chief Nyesom Wike said Nigeria desperately needed a unifier who would steer governance affairs without any form of segregation.
Wike spoke at the inauguration of the Mgbuitanwo Internal Roads in the Emohua Local Government Area of ​​the state.
Mgbuitanwo internal roads were inaugurated by the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) presidential candidate, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso last Monday.
The governor expressed grave concern about how the country’s diversity has been grossly threatened by those who have resorted to campaigns based on ethnic and regional sentiments.
According to him, such a parochial trend would make Nigerians more divided than ever along religious and ethnic lines.
The Governor of Rivers State further stated that Integrity Governors are committed to always doing the right thing as long as it helps move the country forward.
“That doesn’t mean don’t vote for a Yoruba man, don’t vote for an Igbo man. That’s not what we need in this country right now. What we need is a man who will bring Nigeria together. We of the Integrity Group will continue to support all that is right, all that will help this country. »
The governor explained that he tried unsuccessfully to persuade the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders not to let Kwankwaso leave the party because of the strategic importance of Kano State.
“When you wanted to leave PDP, I came to your house in Abuja. I said sir, don’t leave the party. I begged you. I came twice. Those who have never had good intentions for this party, who will want to take control where they have never sown, said no, leave Kwankwaso to leave. Who is he? Let him go! After all, I was Speaker of the Senate when he was Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. I said no, he is an asset to the party in Kano State. Kano is very important to our party, so no matter what, let’s keep it; let’s handle it. They said, ‘let him go’.
“I said the more the merrier. We are an opposition party; we cannot continue to hunt our people. Whoever is angry, let’s keep it, they said no. They said I went to see Kwankwaso, I said yes, because I know that with him in Kano, chances are it will be better for us. But if we let him go, the backlash will be too heavy. They said no. Kwankwaso has left us.
The Governor of Rivers State described the NNPP Presidential candidate and former Governor of Kano State as a man of integrity and numbered among the leaders Nigeria needs.
According to him, the NNPP presidential candidate had assured him that his supporters who were still in the PDP would vote for him in the PDP presidential primary, and they did.
Wike has offered to provide protocol and logistical support to Kwankwaso whenever he wishes to campaign in Rivers State.
“If you come to campaign here, I will provide the logistical support for you to campaign. You are a former governor.
He, however, told Kwankwaso that it was difficult for any other party to win in Rivers State.
“Therefore, it will be useless for you to waste resources, thinking that you will win the election for any candidate of your party in this state,” Wike said.
On his comment on the release of the 13% unpaid diversion money from 1999 to date, by President Muhammadu Buhari, the Governor said he never said that other Niger Delta Governors would have to show proof of what they had done with their states’ share.
Instead, Wike said he only expressed his gratitude to Buhari for releasing the money, which helped him execute a plethora of projects in the state.
“I never said that people had to account for their money. I never told anyone. All I said was that people should thank Buhari for me, for giving me money to do all these projects. That’s all I said. If you interpret something different, that’s up to you. Is it wrong to thank someone who has done well for you?
Wike pointed out that his administration has never spent more than 14 months completing a project in the state.
He said the Mgbuitanwo domestic routes were among 20 other projects like the 9th and 10th flyovers which were all reported in June 2021, all of which were completed during the period.
Wike said good governance is about the welfare of the people, and if someone in government or close to a senior official is unable to attract projects to their community, that person has failed.
The governor pointed out that his administration had delivered the interior roads of Mgbuitanwo, where Senator Andrew Uchendu, a leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), is from.
He regretted that the former senator had not succeeded, while he was in government, in making the path for his community.
Wike also mocked former agriculture commissioner Emma Chinda for failing to entice the government to do the roads for his Ogbakiri community, which his administration was now delivering to the people.
During the inauguration, the Presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, praised Wike for engaging Julius Berger Nigeria Plc to provide the best quality of roads in a rural community.
Such a gesture, noted Kwankwaso, speaks of a leader who loves his people and did his best to improve their lot in all areas, including the provision of quality educational infrastructure.
Kwankwaso pointed out that those who undermine the capacity of the G-5 PDP, especially Wike, do so politically at their peril, as Rivers State, like Kano and Lagos, was critical to winning any election.
The NNPP presidential candidate said members of the integrity group led by Wike were good people who would continue to do the right thing and would be judged by posterity on what they did.
For his part, the works commissioner, Dr. Dakorinima Alabo George-Kelly, said that the internal roads of Mgbuitanwo were 39,300 square meters; has a thickness of 200 millimeters, with a binder course of 50 millimeters, a wearing course of 50 millimeters equipped with public lighting and drains.
Regional Manager, South South of Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, Jergen Fitcher said they have continued to provide standard infrastructure in support of Wike State’s development policy.

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