University of Missouri Extension to Host Free Webinar for Agricultural Lenders on October 7

The University of Missouri will host a free webinar for agricultural lenders, credit managers, rural land appraisers, members of Congress, county commissioners and agricultural service providers from 10:30 a.m. to noon Friday, October 7.

The Zoom webinar will focus on “Monetary Policy and Farm Income Outlook for Missouri Agricultural Lenders”.

Hosted by the University of Missouri Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI), Center for Rural and Agricultural Finance Policy Analysisand Extension of the MU, the webinar will provide an overview of Missouri Farm Income Portfolios; provide perspective on Missouri cash receipts, expenses, and net farm income; and focus on areas of concern in Missouri’s agricultural and rural sector.

Other key objectives:

  • Educate participants on US monetary policy and the options being considered by the Federal Open Market Committee.
  • Provide historical context on how monetary policy options have influenced consumer spending and investment decisions.
  • Prepare participants for how monetary policy decisions can affect loan demand, asset values, and loan refinancing.

“While interest rates remain relatively low in historical terms, there is no doubt that the current environment of rising interest rates is raising concerns for producers and agricultural credit managers,” said Ben Brown, senior research associate at FAPRI. “Ensuring that our agricultural credit community understands the impacts of rising interest rates and monetary policy on agricultural balance sheets, cash flow, and loan demand is an important area that Mizzou can serve the Missouri.”

Michael Sykuta, Associate Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics at MU, will moderate the webinar.

Speakers are William Emmons from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and Bob Maltsbarger from the Center for Rural and Agricultural Finance Policy Analysis at the University of Montreal.

Register on this link for the webinar.

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